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      We proudly serve the Black Hills of South Dakota and surrounding areas

- Spearfish -  Lead/Deadwood - Sturgis - Belle Fourche - Whitewood -  Newell -  Summerset - Piedmont - Blackhawk - Box Elder - Rochford -  Hill City - and everything in between

Tree Trimming/ Removals

Our certified climbing arborists provide efficient, low impact trimming and removal services. Without the use of large equipment to work on your trees, we can access hard to reach areas, leave less impact on your lawn, and reduce operating costs in order to pass savings on to our customers. Climbing your trees also allows us to do an in depth inspection and make properly angled cuts to ensure the health and longevity of the trees. As certified arborits, we enjoy everything from technical fruit tree pruining to large tree removals. Our expertise is in high hazard work near structures and around powerlines. We can handle even the largest of trees in difficult situations.

Stump Removals

Dead tree stumps can be a nuisance for lawnmowers, are unsightly, and attract unwanted insects that make their way into your home. Let us take care of your stumps and make it look like they were never there. We also highly recommend grinding out the stump of a newly removed tree in order to rid of it completely and prevent it from sprouting new shoots.

Tree Planting

Planting a tree takes proper tools and knowledge in order to be done effectivly. We receive multiple calls every year from struggling trees because of improper planting depths. Yes, planting depth for trees as well as many other factors is absolutly crucial for the longvity and health of your tree long term. Hire one of our certifed arborists to recommend types of trees to plant and to professionally plant your tree in order to avoid problems down the road.

Consulting/Pest and Disease Identification

Trees are susceptible to a number of problems. Pest and diease identification is complicated and often takes an expert in order to properly diagnose the problem. Is your tree looking sick? Needles browning? Are you noticing branch die back? All these symptoms indicate that your tree is stressed and needs attention. We offer consultation services to provide homeowners with the best possible route forward to treating stressed and sick trees.

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