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Personal Profile



Title: Consulting Arborist
Hometown: Fairfield, IA
Years of experience in the tree industry: 5
Favorite Tree: Weeping Willow
Least favorite part of job: Answering the phone
Secret Skill: Playing the Oboe
Favorite Quote: "Barn's burnt down-- now I can see the moon."- Mitzuta Masahide
Favorite place you have visited: the cloud forest in Ecuador
Hobbies: photography, growing food, weaving, backpacking, camping, hiking, reading/writing
Tell us about yourself: I grew up in rural Iowa where my childhood was filled with riding bikes, fishing, playing outside, exploring and hot summer swims in old farm ponds.  After graduating high school, I played college softball for two years before moving out to Wyoming and obtaining my degree in Biology.  Before coming on board with Tree Wise Men 5 years ago, I worked at multiple agencies including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Nature Conservancy and the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources where I mostly specialized in native pollinator/plant interactions.  I currently live in Lead, S.D. where my fiancé and I spend most of our time building our business and remodeling our century old house.  I will likely be the first line of communication when you call Tree Wise Men and I look forward to providing you with the best care and service in the industry.  

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