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Personal Profile

Title: Climbing Specialist
Hometown: Black Hills local, born in Deadwood and grew up in Sturgis and Rapid City. Currently residing in Lead. 
Years of experience in the tree industry: 11 years
Favorite Tree: Locust and Rainbow Eucalyptus 
Least favorite part of job:
Cold soggy days and hydraulic failures
Secret Skill: Rope splicing
Favorite Quote: "It is what it is"
Favorite place you have visited: The Bighorns in Wyoming
Hobbies: Hunting, ice fishing, camping, and hanging out with my two little boys
Tell us about yourself:  I was born and raised in the Black Hills. I graduated in 2004 in Sturgis and started working in the construction industry before obtaining a welding degree. During my time in school, a friend introduced me to rock climbing. After that, every spare moment was spent on the side of a cliff. In 2006, a tree company reached out for help planting 2000 bare root trees. While this was not a task I fully enjoyed, it was clear to me that the tree industry was where I belonged. A few years later I moved to Spearfish where I met my amazing wife. I balanced making snow in the winter at Terry with construction in the summer until we moved to Lead. I eventually fell back into another tree job and was given the opportunity to start climbing. It was all over at that point. I had found my true calling. I loved working in the trees and being in the woods everyday. Eventually I left the corporate powerline clearance company for residential tree work with a small company, Tree Wise Men.
My free time is spent with my wife and 2 boys. We camp almost every weekend during the summer and have a yearly trip to the Bighorns for a week or 2 to escape the craziness of the Sturgis motorcycle rally. I have hunted since I was a young one. I recently got into archery hunting and have found it to be equal to my love of tree work. During the slower winter months I spend my time ice fishing any body of water that I can. While my wife isn’t completely impressed with my hobbies, she is supportive 100%. She works from home while taking care of our two little boys, Sawyer and Bridger. She runs an online business which allows us the freedom of only 1 schedule to work around. And allows us more time as a family together at home. 


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